Post Audio Workflow

The ideal file format to export from Premiere is OMF. This will provide all the files required for a good mix. Project organization is also helpful, as all track and clip labelling will be retained and visible once imported into Pro Tools. Try keeping dialogue clips together on the upper tracks, and the tracks labeled as DX 1, DX 2, etc and other sounds like Music (MX), Ambience and Background (AMB) and Sound Effects (SFX) labeled as well.

To export your OMF, go to File>Export>OMF…

01 Export OMF Menu

The settings are as follows:

OMF Title: The name of your project

Sample Rate: 48000

Bits per Sample: 24

Files: Separate Audio

Format: Broadcast Wave

Render: Trim Audio Files

Handle Frames: 120

02 OMF Settings

After clicking OK, you’ll be prompted to select a location where to save the OMF. It is highly recommended to create a folder for this step as the OMF will be generated as mutliple files and folders. A report will appear on screen, this is also included in your OMF as a text file and helps keep project settings consistent for your mix.

03 OMF Txt

A video with timecode burned in is also extremely helpful for the mix. To create the video file go to File>Export>Media…

04 Export Media

The following settings are ideal for ProTools:

Format: QuickTime

Video Codec: Apple ProRes 422 (LT)

Basic Video Settings: Click “Match Source”

05 Export Media Settings

Audio can be disabled to save file space, but a reference track helps keep sync. To burn in the timecode, click the “Effects” tab and enable “TimeCode Overlay”. The default settings are fine.

06 Export Media Settings Timecode

The resulting media should look something like this altogether:

07 Results

That folder can be zipped/compressed and sent via Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive or WeSend it or other cloud delivery file systems. If you are low on cloud storage or don’t have a suitable system, a Google Drive “Dropbox” can be provided for you. If file space is a challenge (for upload times) an H.264 file is acceptable, but will need to be transcoded on my end to be used in Pro Tools and can potentially lose sync.

Once the mix is complete, you will be sent a stereo WAV file to import into your project to be married to the video.