NintendoSpy Skins

I’ve designed a series of skins for the NintendoSpy input viewer. The skins are available below to download for free. If you wish to support this project, consider “Buying me a Coffee.”

These skins were originally designed for Speedrunner (and all around awesome guy) GrandPOOBear. You can see this in action below:

Each skin is rendered in gorgeous high-resolution so that they read well on stream and comes with multiple background colours to match your overlay/mood. Every skin also includes an Alpha Channel PNG file that can be used to get a super clean cutout of the controller into your layout.

NES Skins
SNES Skins
N64 Skins
GameCube Skins
“Pride” Skins
“Smash!” Skins

Click here to download the templates used for these skins 

Click here to learn how to use a USB Controller with these skins

Installation Instructions

These skins require NintendoSpy software to operate, so be sure to download and install the release from their page (Windows Only):


In the NintendoSpy documentation, you will see that an Arduino board is required to read the inputs from your controller and send the info to your PC. I recommend purchasing an input display cable from Pidge, which have a pre-programmed Arduino built into them for simplicity. Getting a cable from them essentially makes it a plug and play experience:

Input Display Adapters from Pidge

If you are looking for a more “advanced” setup, you may want to checkout “ihaveonebigeye”, who also offers several hardware modification options:

I Have One Big Eye’s Commissions Page

All skins download as a zip file. Unzip and move the entire folder into the “skins” folder within the NintendoSpy installation and open/relaunch NintendoSpy. The skins come with a black background which looks great, but if you want an extra sharp look you can load the “alpha.png” file included with each one for a super clean cutout. Instructions for loading the alpha channel in OBS are below:

How To Use Alpha Masks (OBS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really download and use these skins for free?

Yes! I decided to use accept support via “Buying me a Coffee” to make my skins more accessible. There is no DRM or copy-protection/license on these skins. By “Buying me a Coffee”, you ultimately support this work and that will allow me to make more of them in the future.

Are you making more skins and for different systems?

Yes, to an extent. Follow me on Twitter to be notified when they are available. I have ideas for additional sets of skins, and am expanding into GameCube displays, but being able to make those will depend on how much support I get.

Will these skins work on other input display software? Do you plan on supporting (insert software name here)?

These skins are designed to work with NintendoSpy and I have no plans on designing any for other tools. Sorry Sega players. Who knows what the future will entail, so follow me on Twitter to be notified when new skins are made, and feel free to send me a request. If it can be easily ported, I may consider it.

Do you make custom designs?

Beyond “burning in” your logo into the input display, I do not make one-off displays. If you think you have a cool idea or concept for a display, send me an email and I may make that as my next set.

My (insert component here) isn’t working, can you help me troubleshoot it?

I unfortunately do not have the time to troubleshoot issues with those who use these skins. As the software is open source, and there are so many variables that could go amiss, it’s not feasible for me to offer that.

How can I contact you?

You can reach me via email or DM on Twitter.