Another collaboration with stop-motion animator Chris Walsh, Emi provided the Sound Design for this neo-noir thriller set in the afterlife. Working with Yanni Caldas providing the Foley, Orchid shows a down on his luck assassin looking for an escape from the challenges of the afterlife.


Darknet Diaries

“These are true stories from the dark side of the Internet…” starts the podcast Darknet Diaries, and that’s a great way to describe it. Featuring heavily researched topics of cyber warfare, hacking and security, Jack Rhysider takes listeners on a journey every episode and often features guests with amazing stories. Guests connect with Jack through different means, so cleaning up the audio provides the listener with an easier and more pleasant experience. Starting on Episode 71, you can hear Emi’s work on most of the guest audio.

Check out Darknet Diaries


ThronoCrigger – “Bloom”

Blending 8-bit console sounds (ChipTune) with Electronic Dance Music and FutureBass, ThronoCrigger’s upbeat style was a joy to explore while mixing and mastering the track “Bloom” for the EP Wasted Spring. Trying to retain dynamics while pushing that extreme bass heavy thump was the goal and Emi looks forward to whatever music Throno releases next.

Listen to “Bloom” Here:

Check out ThronoCrigger’s other songs at his BandCamp.


The Warp Coin Catastrophe

While Audio Production remains Emi’s primary focus and passion, his love of video games has spilled into his professional world with the release of his first game! A tribute to the Ace Attorney game series, this Game Boy court room drama features the cast of the Warp World Podcast (which Emi mixed) and was built using GB-Studio. A labour love, taking many months and a small team to complete, The Warp Coin Catastophe plays on real Nintendo hardware and saw a successful Kickstarter raising over $9000 CAD. You can play the entire game for free (works well in a mobile browser) over at


The Fox And The Pigeon

Featuring a wonderfully told story and beautifully animated sequences, The Fox And The Pigeon was selected for the 2019 Best Student Film at The Annie Awards. Balancing the world within the story and the narrators voice was the main challenge in mixing this piece, and Emi is proud to have his name attached to it.

Check out the Award Winning Short below:

Live Action

The Gaming Historian

The Gaming Historian is a well researched and produced seried dedicated to the history of video games. Created by Norman Caruso, the series details the stories behind what it took to create some of the most popular and well known games from years past while also exploring often unknown and peculiar devices and software. The series also unpacks the social and political impacts that is often unknown in the gaming world. The first episode Emi mixed shows the history if Super Mario Bros. 3, check out the playlist below to see all the episodes he’s worked on.



This summer, Emi got to provide Sound Design for Sesame Street! The series of stop motion shorts marks another collaboration between Emi and Chris Walsh. Fun and whimsical in it’s presentation, designing sounds that evoke that feeling were paramount. This project also required some clever voice manipulation to make a single actor sound like a group of children. Enjoy!


The Curious Tale of Aunt Binx

The Curious Tale of Aunt Binx is another stop motion short produced by students at Sheridan College that Emi had the pleasure of mixing. Along with some distinct treatment of the ambiences, getting the timing of everything right was the biggest challenge in the blend of children’s tale and dread. With an amazing art style, this project is another one Emi is happy to have to his name.

Watch Aunt Binx Here


Nier: Automata Tribute

A short but impressive animation by students from Gobelins School of Art, this action packed tribute to the game “Nier: Automata” features some fun audio action. The sounds of sword fighting, machine guns and robotic explosions were all meticulously edited and mixed to bring the animation to life.

Featuring a fantastic score by Tom Ferguson, this tribute is sure to catch the eye (and hopefully ears) of both fans of the game and anyone interested in high quality animation.

Watch the Animation Here