The Theory of Relativity – Virtual Choir

Role: Technical Coordinator

The Theory of Relativity was commissioned by the Canadian Music Theatre Project (of “Come From Away” fame). A special re-mounting of the musical was planned for the 9th Song, Stage and Screen conference, and as a way of celebrating the way the whole piece is a collection of different stories, it was decided a “Virtual Choir” would be incorporated into its finale. Made famous by Eric Whitacre, the concept is simple: many voices from around the world singing on their own are mixed together to perform a song. Implementing this idea became a 4 month long endeavour that culminated in a successful performance of the virtual choir in sync with their live counterparts on stage. You can find out all about the process and see the perfomance below:

The Theory Of Relativity’s Virtual Choir

Live Action

The Boys

Role: Sound Edit & Mix

Kathleen Hearn’s, “The Boys”, is a short, two-hander drama that examines male bonding through a coming of age story. Emi was brought in to improve this edit and mix near the end of completion. Space and perspective were a big part of selling the world in this overall quiet piece.

You can find the project page with links to clips below:

The Boys


Borders – EP’s (x2)

Role: Mix and some Recording

3 track Self Titled EP – 2013

4 track EP, “Drift” – 2015

Borders is a folk-rock outfit from Toronto that has seen its line-up change – switching out banjo, violin and mandolin on top of its guitar/bass/drums/keys setup. This made for a challenging set of mixes with so many instruments sharing the same sonic spectrum. Two EP’s were produced, with both available to hear below:

Borders on SoundCloud

Live Action


Role: Sound Design and Mix

Mouse is a short but powerful production created by James Flaherty, a secondary school teacher. A collaboration between the students, school board and the Peel Police, it dramatizes the unfortunately common act of a young boy being indoctrinated into a local gang. It was featured and screened in CTV’s W5, but is now only available as a learning resource from the School Board. Check out the articlea about the piece and a clip featuring an original song performed by the students.

Mouse In Mississauga News

Mouse – Opportunity Use It


A Modest Proposal

Role: Sound Design and Mix

4 mins – 2008

Yotam Dor’s “A Modest Proposal: To Solve Tomorrow’s Energy Crisis, Today” is a modern update to the Johnothan Swift classic. Instead of eating the poor, the solution is to use a new form of biofuel extracted from the fat of humans. Presented in a faux corporate video presentation, this piece had some interesting audio challenges, like what a cow-pig hybrid (or “bork”) sounds like, or a turkey-fish.

Watch it here: A Modest Proposal

Live Action


Role: Sound Editor

Shot on a shoe-string budget with a skeleton crew, Only tells the story of two tweens as they explore the backwaters of Northern Ontario. The directorial debut of Ingrid Veninger (co-directed by Simon Reynold’s), this was also Emi’s first feature as a Sound Editor. This project presented many opportunities and challenges due to its setting. The location can be so desolate and isolated that dialogue naturally sounds great with little in the environment interfering. However, how does one create a robust and impactful soundscape in a place that is so quiet?

Music also played a huge part in this project, with the audience listening to the character’s iPods as they complement and compete with the surroundings and each other.

Rent/Buy on iTunes here: Only on iTunes

Also available on Fandor: Only on Fandor


The Magic Projector

Role: Sound Design and Mix

Created by stop-motion animator/wizard Chris Walsh, The Magic Projector is one of Emi’s earlier works. It features the voice of legendary Canadian actor, Gordon Pinsent.

Pinsent’s voice was actually recorded after the animation, making this a challenge in the dialogue edit.

Watch it here: The Magic Projector